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Warning Artificial Streams!

An artificial stream is a stream that doesn't reflect genuine user listening intent, including any instance of attempting to manipulate Spotify by using automated processes (bots or scripts).

Spotify puts significant engineering resources and research into detecting, mitigating, and removing artificial streaming activity on Spotify so that nothing stands in the way of Spotify mission of giving artists the opportunity to live off their art, and so that rights holders are paid as fairly as possible for their work. The integrity of this is incredibly important to Spotify because an illegitimate stream means there are honest, hard-working artists on the other side that are impacted.

This is what you should avoid

You are at risk when you buy a Spotify promo on websites or get added to a playlist in exchange for money or any other avantage.

This warning is about buying Spotify promos on websites or paying to be added to playlists, such activity is completely prohibited for all artists who distribute their music through our platform.


The Spotify system will detect artificial streams generated by this type of campaign.

If you have already purchased a promotion or paid to be placed on Playlists, ask to be removed from Playlists immediately to avoid artificial streams. This type of business generates Artificial Streams (BOTS).


One thing that can also generate artificial streams is if you put a song or playlist in Repeat Mode, Spotify also penalizes this action.


This can happen to you if you ignore this warning:

  1. All your releases will be taken down from Spotify and your ISRCs will be flagged automatically if you distribute it again, no matter the distributor.

  2. Your releases will be banned (that means you will lose the capacity of been recommended by Spotify.

  3. We can also ban your account on Mh Musik.

Avoid this at all cost, if you already have your music in any promotion system or playlists in exchange for payment, ask them to remove your music from these playlists or these promotion systems as soon as possible.

We highly recommend to watch this video closely.


Spotify is now sending notifications via its Spotify for Artists (S4A) platform to flag potential artificial streaming behaviour to labels and artists. If you receive a notification from Spotify, please follow the guided steps and if any further action is required, contact the Mh Musik, LLC team.

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