We are the only service that will give you the option to distribute, register, collect mechanical royalties and synchronize your  lyrics to Instagram in just one single form.

You don't have to take any other step after this one to be fully registered, synchronized  and distributed. 


Pay once

pay only one time per release with no additional charge.

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100% Yours

The Copyright property of your music will always be 100% yours.

You can be your own record label.



Your music will be live around the globe, in the most important digital stores.

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Earn Money
Earn from 95% - 100% of the earnings generated from your music. Withdraw the money through your panel.

With our new panel you will have the ability to keep 100% independent. 

You personally can get in charge of every single or album release, see analytics, see how much money you have earned and distribute your music in a 5 to 10 days basics.

One other amazing thing you will enjoy if you distribute with us is the RIAA Awards once one or more of your releases reaches the requirements to earn a Gold, Platinum or Multi-Platinum Award, as we are partners of RIAA in representation of our artists we do all the process to get your Award and send it to your hands. (contact us if this is your case)


Including the most popular download and streaming sites around the world. With more than 100 digital distribution partners.

Best of all, we protect your content from plagiarism and generate a certificate of registration whenever you need documentation to prove that you are the original composer of your work.

(When you need a Certification, contact us, or simply submit your registration request here)

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