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We want to give you access to some of our pro features to make it more convenient for you to manage your artistic career using our services. If you become a member of our company by renting one of the plans that you see in this page, you will be able to use most of our services for free. You will have special access to our workshops every week where you will be able to learn all about your artistic career, royalties collection and the music business. You will also register your music with our copyright tool for free,  globally valid and as an extra gift you will be able to book an appointment with one of our experts for free.

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Important Information!

If you purchase the "Monthly Membership" plan, please click under your profile image in the top right corner and select the option "Register Your Work" to start registering your compositions. If you have any question please feel free to contact us. 

What is the IPI Number? 

The IPI/CAE number is an international identification number assigned to songwriters and publishers to uniquely identify rights holders. you will find yours by viewing your online works catalog and clicking through to the detail on an individual work.

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