What is one of the main services that mh musik offers?

We are the only service that will give you the option to distribute, register, collect mechanical royalties and synchronize your  lyrics to Instagram in just one single form.

You don't have to take any other step after this one to be fully registered, synchronized  and distributed. Basically all the steps that you must take to release a single, EP or Album.

Will the intellectual property of my music remain mine?

The Copyright property of your music will always be 100% yours.

You can be your own record label.

What will my earnings be?

As a VIP member, You will earn 100% of the earnings from your master recordings and 99% coming from Mechanicals royalties and composition. 

As a normal client, You will earn 95% of the earnings from your master recordings and 99% coming from Mechanicals royalties and composition

Will my music be in stores forever?

your music will always remain in stores even if you cancel your subscription. 

We might take down your music only if you ask for, or if you violate our terms of service. 




Is this the same registration as in BMI?
The answer is no, because BMI's job is to collect mechanical royalties for composers of lyrics and music.

What type of documents do I need?
Basically your personal data and the lyrics of your song written in digital pdf format (recommended) additionally you can add an audio file where you can see the lyrics and / or main melody of your work.

What kind of audio can I upload?
It can be an mp3 audio file (recommended), exported from your mobile. Even the same voice note you recorded when the muse came to you while writing your song.

What is the Berne Convention?
The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, better known as the Berne Convention, Berne Convention, CBERPOLA or Berne Treaty, is an international treaty on the protection of copyright over literary and artistic works. Its first text was signed on September 9, 1886, in Bern (Switzerland).
It has been completed and revised several times, being amended for the last time on September 28, 1979.

The Berne Convention is based on three basic principles and contains a series of provisions that determine the minimum protection of literary and artistic works that is granted to the author, in addition to the special provisions available to developing countries that have an interest in applying them. As of March 2018, 176 states are party to the Convention.

What is the national identification number?
It is the identification number or national insurance number that the governments of many countries use to track their citizens. Eg: Passport, ID, DNI, SSN, among others.

What documents will I receive?
When you request a copyright registration, a (Certificate of Authorship) is generated which you can download from your account in the Orders tab.

How can I use this certificate?
This will be the document of ownership of your song, with it you can present your case before a judge, or send as proof that you are the legitimate owner of said work. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. may ask you for proof of authorship certificates, in case you have a conflict at any time.

What do I do when I download it?
Keep it in a safe place, for when you have to use it.

How do I confirm if the registration was successful?
Do a search in our database using the "Unique Identifier" of your certificate.





Where do these visits come from?
Our visits come from different types of applications, such as; Video games, music applications, download applications among other topics.

How is the promotion system?
Our promotion system, like YouTube, is disruptive traffic. YouTube interrupts the user who is enjoying any content to show an ad, in the same way we interrupt the users in the different applications to show the video and generate human visits.

What country is this traffic coming from?
When you buy this service, by default you receive worldwide traffic, the system decides which countries will be used to generate traffic for your video. But if you want to receive segmented visits (directed to a specific country) you can choose up to 3 countries of your interest if you choose a package starting from the 10,000 Views package (this adds an additional cost of $ 30 USD)

Will I have any kind of guarantee?
100% of the visits of the promotional package you have chosen are guaranteed.

Can I get more views than I asked for?
If someone does not stay around 20 seconds in your video, it is very likely that YouTube discards that visit, normally between 2% and 5% of the views received are discarded by YouTube, but do not worry, for this same reason we take the initiative to always extend your promotion a little more and thus your video will reach a little more than the visits you asked for, for example; If you ask for a package of 10,000 visits, it is possible that you will reach 11,000 or 12,000 visits, so we make sure that your video never receives less than what was contracted.

All views are real, how do I check?
This is very simple, you just have to check in your Youtube Studio how many viewing hours you have before the promo and how many you have generated after the promo, there are also users who will like or dislike if they like it or not.

How long does it take to start the promotion?
The stipulated time for your promotion to be scheduled and you begin to see changes is 24 to 72 business hours, which means that it could take a little longer if you place the order on the weekend.

In case some kind of refund is needed, for understandable reasons, you should know that there is a minimum fee for transaction costs that you must pay.