Register your intellectual property

International protection and Registration process with legal validity recognized in all the signatory countries of the Berne Convention and International Intellectual Property Agreements.  
Protect your creations from plagiarism or improper use and inform about your rights. 

¡We want to introduce our new registration system! please if you want to patent the lyrics or melody of your songs, start doing it from our
New Administration Dashboard and ignore these two forms here below, which we will be disabling very soon.

For a monthly or Yearly plan please click on the button above  and start registering unlimited songs for free.
With our new dashboard your certificates will be generated right after they get patented and you will be able to download your certificate strait from your account.  Don't forget to sign-up now. 
To start using our new registration tool, just log in and go to Registries and start filling out the form.
This will be the new way to Patent your works.