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Full Split-Sheet (Master & Publishings)

With this new Full Split-Sheet you can do all your negotiations, both Master and Composition in a single agreement. If you are an artist, composer, manager, producer, DJ, etc., you need this document whenever you make or work on a song.


A Split-Sheet is a written agreement between two or more music creators that identifies each contributor and establishes specific ownership percentages between them. These percentages are important because they determine how much each contributor will be paid when their music legally generates revenue without misunderstanding.

Full Split-Sheet (Master & Publishings)

  • This asset belongs to Mh Musik, LLC (All Rights Reserved) and the distribution, duplication or sale of this asset for profit to a third party, outside of the company Mh Musik, LLC is not allowed.

    You may only use this material for the exclusive use between you and the project participants.

    The misuse of this material may be penalized by law.

  • Use this document wisely.

    If possible hire a notary lawyer for more validity, security and protection.

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