Create Your "Work For Hire" Contract

Fill out this form to tell us which biometric information your contract should have. Remember that you can also add additional information according to the deal that you and the other person agreed


The Split Sheet that each artist, composer, manager, producer, DJ, etc., needs to Split royalties among contributors in the right way.

If you write a song and there are more than one composer (co-writhers) then you need to sign this document with those people who are involve in your work.


Considere downloading this document to use it and re use it in your future works.


Download here!

Copyright registration

International protection!

Registration process with legal validity recognized in all the signatory countries of the Berne Convention and International Intellectual Property Agreements.


After completing one of these registrations, you will obtain the legal certificates of ownership of your works, which will be sent to the email address you provide on the form, in the next 24 or 48 labor hours.

Protect your creations from plagiarism or improper use and inform about your rights.

Register your work now!


En este taller aprenderemos desde como crear tu Nombre, Misión, Propósito y Orientación. (Sin olvidar el registro comercial) hasta las herramientas que necesitas para distribuir la música de tus artistas de manera independiente sin ayuda de un distribuidor. Todos los registros que necesitas en las diferentes entidades, como sociedades de gestión colectivas, contratos, DDEX, el manejo y la recolección de regalías tanto como publisher (editora) como copyright owner...  Si ya estas listo para empezar solo debes entrar al taller y suscribirte.

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