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High Quality Youtube Promo

The most important thing about this new promo system is not the number of views you can reach, but rather that these visits are MONETIZABLE and also INCREASE YOUR CHANNEL WATCH HOURS in order to meet the YouTube requirements, to be able to monetize your channel and to be part of the Youtube Partner Program.


We want to introduce our New Promo Packs! please if you want to continue promoting your videos, head to our New Administration Dashboard and ignore this form here below.

Where do these visits come from?

Our visits come from different types of applications, such as; Video games, Music Applications, Download Applications among other themes.


How is the promotion system?

Our promotion system, like YouTube, is disruptive traffic. YouTube interrupts the user who is enjoying any content to show an ad, in the same way we interrupt the users in the different applications to show the video and generate human visits.


What country is this traffic coming from?

When you purchase this service by default you receive worldwide traffic, the system decides which countries will be used to generate traffic for your video. If you want to receive segmented visits (directed to a specific country) you can choose up to 3 countries of your interest from the 10,000 Views package (this will add an extra cost of $ 30 USD)


Will I have any kind of guarantee?

100% of the views of the promo package you have chosen are guaranteed.


Could I get more views than I ordered?

If someone does not stay around 20 seconds in your video, it is very likely that YouTube discards that visit, normally between 2% to 5% of the views received are discarded by YouTube, but do not worry, for this very reason we take the initiative to always extend your promotion a little more so that your video reaches a little more than the visits you ordered, for example; If you order a package of 10,000 visits it is possible that you reach up to 11,000 or 12,000 visits, this is how we ensure that your video never receives less than what you contracted.


All the views are real, how do I verify it?

This is very simple, you just have to check in your Youtube Studio how many viewing hours you have before the promo and how many you have generated after the promo, there are also users who will like or dislike it if they like it or not.


How long does it take to start the promo?

The stipulated time for your promotion to be scheduled and you begin to see changes, is between 24 to 72 working hours, which means it could takes a little longer if you place the order on a weekend.



In case you need to make any kind of refund, for understandable reasons, you should know that there is a very minimal fee for transaction costs that you must pay.

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