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Pro Mixing

The Pro Mixing Service provides everything you need to distribute your songs. This Package provides pro quality sound and is recommended for releasing new music on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Youtube, VEVO, MTV, and others importants streamings services.


PLEASE NOTE: Mixing is reccomended only for songs that have been properly recorded. Mixing does not alter or change any problems in your recording. Before having your song mixed by us, you should be 100% satisfied with your recording.

For a Mixing and Mastering package, visit our Mixing & Mastering Collection.


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT please do not add any effects plugin to channel of your recording specially EQ and Compresion.

After you've make your order you will need to Correctly Prepare and Send your Material. Please see "Product Info" to the right. or if you already made the purchase click here to upload your files

Have Questions? Please chat with us through this same page or send us an email to

Pro Mixing

  • You will receive

    • Digital Mix (in the box)

    • Industry Pro Mixing (see below)

    • mp3 & WAV Mixdown

    • 2 Revisions


    EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay, Autotune (optional) & DeEssing using Pro DAW plugins. 16 Stem limit ($2 for each additional Stem)

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