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Professional Online Mixing and Mastering Services 

We want your music (Covers, Unplugged, Live Sessions, Studio Recordings, Solos, Etc) sounds Profesional, so we made "Professional Online Mixing and Mastering Services at a Very Affordable Price! This is not an online mechanical system, Your mix or master will be processed by one of our pro music producers personally.


We have a long range of high quality plugins and softwares that will be used on your release. 

You just need to send us your mix or any type of sound recording through our form after you purchase the service and don't forget to 

keep in mind this specifications;

  • For Mastering you need to send us a wav file 24bit and 44100 Sample Rate after payment checkout.

  • For Mixing you need to send us a multi track folder (every channel bounced separated in one folder) wav file format 24bit and 44100 sample rate. All this after payment checkout.

And guess what! you can also ask for your free mastering demonstration by sending us 30 Seconds of your mix without paying any cent. Try it now and enjoy the new quality of your music from now on...

One of the best investments You'll ever make.

As and artist, you know that investing in yourself and your craft plays a major key

in how your future turns out. Choosing Mh Musik Profesional Mixing and Mastering Services to help you succeed

in todays music industry is no doubt one of the best investments you'll ever make.

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