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Music Distribution
Publishings and Copyright.

Release your music starting on $9.99.
Optionals Subscription fees.

What we do

Mh Musik brings you many different type of music services, focused on independent musicians and labels to help you grow your career both professionally and financially. Through our profesional dashboard you can distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Tiktok, Instagram, Tidal, Deezer and many other stores...

Our friendly dashboard makes it easy for you to get paid monthly, direct to your Paypal, Payoneer or Bank Account, free of taxes...

Thanks to Mh Musik, our music is now available in all digital stores and our songs appear with synchronized lyrics for Instagram and Facebook stories. We are 100% satisfied with their work and Mh Musik's services will definitely be the ones I choose for future releases.
Thank you very much🙏💕

Capella Music (Musician band)

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Starting on
$9.99 per track
Per Distribution

To $37.99 if you choose special services like:

Copyright registration, add to SoundExchange,

Publishing registration and synchronize your  lyrics  to Instagram  stories, Spotify and Apple Music in just one single form.

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