Distribute, register, collect mechanical royalties and synchronize your  lyrics  to Instagram  stories, Spotify and Apple Music in just one single form.

You don't have to take any other step after this one to be fully registered, synchronized  and distributed. 

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In Mh Musik we offer different types of services, focused on independent musicians and labels to help you grow your career both professionally and financially. We always personally contact our VIP members and work one on one to achieve success in the music industry.


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Legal validity recognized in all the signatory countries of the Berne Convention

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Digital Distribution

Distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tiktok, Tidal and more than 100+ DSPs

Music contract templates

Download Split-Sheet, Work for Hire Contract, or ask for your personalized recording agreement

I am glad to have Mh Musk as a collaborator in my career they do a great job working on the Digital and not only in the organization part. I have learned a lot and being able to count on their advice is one of the best thing that an artist can have. The truth is that I feel very happy, they are people I trust for their knowledge and seriousness.

La Materialista (Urban Artist)

More services

We always try to help artist in every digital need they have, this is why we also have this extra ideal services in order to help you grow your artistic career in many different ways. Try our profesional Smart-link for music marketing or may be our ISRC finder in case you lost one or even better, Book An Appointment with one of the best Artists Coach in the music business.


For music marketing

We help create intelligent links that route fans to your music, in the apps they love.

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Youtube video promotion

You don't need a lot of money, beginning on $17.23 dollars You'll start reaching real people