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Music distribution &
Publishing administration.

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What we do

Mh Musik makes your music available in every single streaming and download service around the world, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Meta, Tidal, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, VEVO, Deezer, and many other stores... We focus on independent musicians and labels to help them grow their career both professionally and financially.


Through our profesional dashboard you can distribute your music and collect Mechanical, Publishing and Performance royalties, all for a one-time setup fee or a member subscription.

Our friendly dashboard makes it easy for you to get paid monthly, direct to your Paypal, Payoneer or Bank Account, in any country in the world, free of taxes...

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Distribute your
c for FREE
and get 100% royalties

Unlock all these features when becoming a VIP member.

Publishing Administration, Copyright registration,

SoundExchange claims and lyrics synchronization,

in just one single form.

Extra services...

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